We all learn about history: the facts, the dates, the big events, and the people involved in them. These are the things that historians have taken time to record.

Sometimes we forget that we are reading a historian’s account of what happened, and not what actually happened. Sometimes it is too easy to hear one side of the story and forget that there ever was another. We often read about wars from the perspective of the people who won. For instance, we know why Americans fought the Revolutionary War with Great Britain. But do we know why Great Britain was fighting back? Americans saw Great Britain as an oppressor and bully. But how do you think Great Britain saw Americans?

History is not black and white. There is always another perspective. There is always another person’s story to hear, even about those events we think we know so much about. Yet, as time goes by, some of these stories have been lost. Some have even been deliberately covered up. There will always be gaps in what we know.

It is in these gaps that we find another kind of history—the secret history of the world. This is the kind of history where the records are hidden, lost, or never even created in the first place. When we investigate this secret history, we find all kinds of things you may not find in a textbook: secret societies, undercover plots, and the untold stories we may never get the chance to hear... unless we take a chance to discover them and, when possible, act on them.

Be warned. If you pursue the secrets of history, they just might start to pursue you.

It’s not too late to turn back. All you have to do is leave this webpage now, and forget you ever saw it.

But if it’s the truth you’re after and you dare to know more, then read on and begin to unfold the secrets of the Junto. If you’re really brave, take the True Junto Oath.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you…


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